Truman State University

Campus Staff


Degree: Bachelor's of Science in Integrative Biology from SIUE

Hometown: Effingham, IL

Reading, cheerleading, dancing, boating, and "hammocking"

Favorite Books
Crazy Love by Francis Chan; Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend

Favorite Movies
The Lion King, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Harry Potter

My Testimony
The Lord met me my junior year of college, when my friend asked me to do a bible study. I was living the "dream" college life: on the cheerleading team, making good grades, and hitting up the party scene. But something was still missing. I was hesitant to do a bible study because it seemed like something only "really Christian" people did, but my friend had this peace and purpose about her that I wanted. So I jumped into a bible study with her. That is when Jesus showed me my need for him, and that no matter what I did in life, I would not be satisfied without Him. I desire for other college students to find the same joy and purpose. My vision for laboring with college students is that the Lord would instill in their hearts a passion for the world, to take His name to the ends of the earth, at a time in the student's lives where they are making big life decisions.