Truman State University

Campus Director


Degree: Master's in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis

Hometown: Rochester, Illinois

Reading, hunting, boating, and hanging with friends

Favorite Books
The Name of the Wind, The Lord of the Rings, The Way of Kings, Harry Potter, Knowing God, Calvary Road, The Gospel Primer, Spiritual Leadership.

Favorite Movies
The Dark Knight, Hitch, Avatar, The Other Guys, The Bourne Identity

My Testimony
Christianity was always something I would get serious about when I was older, or something reserved for times of high emotion, typically guilt. This all changed my freshman year of college when a CO staff member began sharing the gospel with me.  I knew Jesus as Savior while not giving Him rule of my life, but I learned that Christ is either both your Lord and Savior, or neither.  As I saw my sin and need, God changed my heart to see Christ as beautiful and worthy of all of my life. Now, my heart is to share this same gospel with others, so that they could see their need for joy, rest, and satisfaction, and run to Christ to find it fully.