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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Denver?

Unfortunately, transportation is not provided to Denver. If students are able to drive, we would like to recommend that they do so (parking at Colorado Christian University is free). This will ensure that there are an appropriate number of vehicles at the SLP. Additionally, students who book early are usually able to find inexpensive flights and transportation from the airport.

Who leads the SLP?

The SLP is lead by Campus Outreach St. Louis staff and student leaders.

Are there payment options for the SLP?

Yes, for students who are not able to pay upfront, we have a weekly “rent” plan ($200/week). However, $200 is required upon completing the SLP Commitment Form (which you will receive after applying). Checks can be made out to Campus Outreach and there will be credit/check card options available.

Am I allowed to leave the SLP for family trips?

In order to ensure healthy future relationships with our employers, we ask each of the students to make plans and sacrifices to not leave the SLP. There are exceptions for family weddings, funerals, and military personnel.

Where will we be staying while at the SLP?

Colorado Christian University - 8787 W. Alameda Ave; Lakewood, Colorado 80226

What is the cost of the SLP?

The cost for the SLP is $1,800 which includes 8 weeks' lodging, 2-3 dinners each week, and all project materials. This does not include other meals, parking, and gas. Each student will work a job to help cover the costs of the summer. Depending on the job, you will use about 90% of the money you earn to cover the total expenses. You may also raise money to cover your expenses. The particulars on how to raise money will be provided to you once you have been accepted.

Can my family come and visit?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to invite your family to take a summer trip to Denver. Additionally, we have designed a Parents’ Weekend (June 14th-16th) in which you will have extended free time, less work hours, and a program intended to welcome parents and expose them to the SLP.  We will provide a list of nearby hotels in case you want to book your lodging early. 

Who is the SLP sponsored by?

Campus Outreach St. Louis is an interdenominational college ministry. The Campus Outreach staff are under the authority and supervision of The Journey Church in St. Louis, MO.