Resource Director & Women’s Coordinator


Degree: Bachelor's of Science, Insurance and Risk Management

Hometown: Portland, IN

Being outdoors in nature, Reading, Cooking and baking, Culture exposure, Exploring, Hanging out with people, Silence and solitude, Learning, Chocolate

Favorite Books
My Heart in His Hands by Sharon James, Far as the Curse is Found by Michael Williams, Jesus is King by Tim Keller, Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose

Favorite Movies
Pride and Prejudice, Save the Last Dance, Beauty and the Beast, Shooter, One Night with the King, The Help

My Testimony
I was consumed with building and maintaining an identity before people through religious works, academic successes, and great ambitions. Believing there was no way that God could not accept me because of the efforts of my life, I was shaken hard when my Resident Advisor exposed me to God's Word and ultimately the gospel my freshman year of college. The message of grace, the gift of righteousness from God solely through the works of His Son, tore through my mask of works, exposed my shame, and ushered me to the cross of Christ. With new desires for God, I sought out training and help in order to be equipped to walk with God and learn his Word.