Campus Staff


Degree: Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from SIUE

Interests:Bowling, Basketball, Reading, and watching a good science fiction movie or show.

Favorite Books: Redeeming Love, Ender's Game, Living the Cross-Centered Life, Knowledge of the Holy, and Monster

Favorite Movies: Inception and The Prestige

My Testimony
I grew up very angry with God because of my family dynamic and everywhere I looked it seemed like everyone was doing better than me. I spent all of my years in high school giving my time, effort, and life to things that I thought would satisfy me. When I got to college, my freshman year I met a Campus Outreach staff member, Mike, who built a meaningful friendship with me and began to challenge the way I viewed my purpose in life. It was that same year that I saw that my life was purposeless without Jesus and gave my life to Him. Since then God has put on my heart the need for people to be sharing His gospel with college students and building diversity.