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Why SLP?

a SUMMER to GROW in:


You will receive personal attention to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ in small groups and project-wide meetings. These opportunities are designed to help you learn how to study the Bible better, memorize God’s word, pray, interact with others and build Christ-like character.


You will have opportunities to influence and lead others, but the primary focus for your development is leadership of self and learning to follow well the leadership of God. Both are keys to unleashing your potential to lead and influence others back on campus, in your communities, and as you go into the world.


You will live, work, grow, and have fun with other college students from campuses throughout the greater St. Louis area who have a desire to deepen their walks with God. Relationships invested in during SLP can impact you for a lifetime.



You will spend five days a week working a job. Working allows you to build relationships, develop professionally, gain work experience, and provide finances for you to attend SLP. If you raise financial support to attend, you will still be required to work a job.


SLP is structured to facilitate high levels of growth in a few months time but it is not without a ton of fun. There will be socials, excursions, late night conversations, meals shared, and a lot of opportunity to express yourself and be creative. Those who are full of life get to enjoy life the fullest!